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3M & Disposables Division

3M & Disposables Division

3M, a multinational conglomerate, excels in healthcare through its diverse operations, practically in developing medical products, like wound care solutions, infection prevention products, and healthcare informatics which leads to contributing significantly to medical innovations and solutions.

KCI specializes in advanced wound care and therapeutic solutions. The company is particularly known for its Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) systems, designed to aid in the healing of complex wounds.

The collaboration between 3M and KCI harnesses the diverse expertise of 3M in healthcare solutions and KCI’s specialized focus on advanced wound care to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions for healthcare professionals and patients.

Key aspects of 3M Healthcare

Diverse Portfolio

3M Healthcare offers a diverse range of products and solutions across various healthcare segments, including medical devices, infection prevention, oral care, drug delivery systems, health information systems, and more.

Infection Prevention

3M is a leader in developing products for infection prevention, including surgical drapes, masks, sterilization indicators, and antimicrobial products, contributing to the safety of healthcare environments.

Wound Care

Through acquisitions like Acelity, which includes the renowned KCI (Kinetic Concepts, Inc.), 3M has strengthened its presence in advanced wound care solutions, offering products that promote effective wound healing.

Patient Monitoring

The division also offers products related to patient monitoring, such as electronic stethoscopes and other monitoring devices, enhancing health care professionals' ability to provide quality patient care.



Awarded Projects

Health assurance hospitals company (Al-Dhaman)

Al-Adan Hospital


Hamad Medical (Al Subeih Medical Company)

3M Products

Awards Received

Awarded for Best outstanding performance in MENA from (3M + KCI) for AWD.

Acelity Award for the best Sales Manager in Middle East & North Africa.

Acelity Middle East & North Africa Distributer Award for “The best achiever over Budget”

Acelity award for The best product specialists in gulf in Q4