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Dental Division

Dental Divison

The dental department is a cornerstone of our organization, dedicated to advancing oral health through cutting-edge practices and innovation. Our team of skilled professionals combines expertise with a commitment to dentist and customer care. Notable achievements includes successful implementation of advanced technology like the CAD-CAM and scanning system in KOC, also fulfilling the same in MOD and much of the top dental clinic’s. community outreach programs. We have been awareded from the MOD for implementing a high innovative system in there dental hospital (digitalization system). We have furnished and equipped lots of the big hospitals and clinic with a full dental solution starting from the pre-installation to the mechanical rooms, sterilization upto the clinic’s. We continually strive to elevate dental care standards, ensuring our patients receive the highest quality service.

Dentsply Sirona stands as the global leader in manufacturing professional dental products and cutting-edge technologies. We enable dental professionals to enhance the quality, safety, and speed of dental care. Their extensive portfolio includes prominent positions and platforms in consumables, equipment, technology, and specialty products.

Known as The Dental Solutions Company™, presents a comprehensive solutions package for dental professionals. This offering features prominent industry brands and covers the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a full spectrum of dental and oral health products. Our portfolio spans general dental supplies, CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC and inLab), dental restorative products, digital imaging systems, treatment centers, handpieces, hygiene systems, and specialized products in orthodontics, endodontics, and implants. Additionally, our global consumable healthcare product team introduces innovative urological and surgical solutions, contributing to an improved quality of life for patients. We take pride in being the preferred partner for dental practices, clinics, dental laboratories, and authorized distributors worldwide.

Dentsply Sirona Restorative delivers a complete solution, providing unparalleled adaptation at each crucial phase of a Class II restoration—from matrix system to bulk fill flowable to universal composite. In addition to dental impression materials, resin cements & more.