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    Our Hiring Process

    As we are aware, a resume / curriculum vita, often abbreviated as CV, is a document that is used by job applicants to showcase his/her academic and professional accomplishments. It is used to apply for positions within areas where the job applicant’s specific knowledge or expertise is required and includes the information that the recruiter needs to verify the skills, experience, and educational qualifications of an applicant.

    The Importance of preparing a good resume

    Preparing a good resume is extreme crucial since it immediately displays why you would be a good fit for a job.It is a base requirement for moving forward in the interview process. Below are a few tips to help you prepare an effective resume:

    Resume Formatting tips

    Interview Tips

    Learning what to expect in an interview and the expectations in each stage can help you identify each step and respond with professionalism. Apart from how to answer interview questions, it is also important to consider other aspects that will set you up for a successful interview. Before your interview, use the following steps to guide you:

    Reviewing Job Description

    Reviewing the job description before attending the interview is vital in understanding exactly what our hiring manager is looking for in a candidate.

    why you are applying

    Prepare points as to why you consider applying for the specific position and why should we consider you to be the good fit for the post.

    Researching the company

    Having knowledge about the company background will go a long way in helping you to boost your confidence during the interview. Refer to the company’s website, social media pages and try to understand the company’s vision, mission and goals.

    Preparing How to answer

    Be prepared for the common interview questions you may encounter for your field, and consider your answers to each of them. This will help you feel more confident and will give you an idea of how you will craft your answers.

    Preparing a reference list

    Be prepared with a minimum list of references before or after your interview.

    Plan your attire

    Plan your attire, travel arrangements and be on time to make a GREAT First Impression!