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Our Team

Meet our CC’ers

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Ahmad Thafer

Head MOH/Private Receivable

Mohammed Osama

Division Manager - Medical Disposables & 3M

Hemdan Z. Mahmoud Hemid

Division Manager, Home & Patient Care

Dr. Nasir Al-Sulaiti

Director - Business Development

Mostafa Yehia

Division Manager - Cardiology

Hosny Alshahawy

Division Manager-Bayer consumer health

Sherif K. Mohamed Nagib Bakir

Sales Manager (CRM/EP) – Cardiology

Anwar Reyad Moussa

Head of Trade Unit

Dr. Basmallah Tharwat

Product Specialist - Dental Division

Ahmed Abdelmoneim

Assistant HR Manager

Priya Kalyanaraman

Assistant HR Manager

Mohamed Elameen

Division Manager – J&J

Eng. Noha Ragab

Division Manager - Critical Care & Emergency

Mir Mujtaba Ali Hashmi

Procurement and Logistics Manager

Ahmad Khader

Vice President -Tenders

Jasim Maqbool

PharmaC Warehouse Manager

Basel Al-Sharrah

Head of Government Operations

Anas Al-Qut

Division Manager – Medical Imaging Division

Nabil Zubaydi

Unit Service Manager - Critical Care & Emergency

Jamayel AlAyoub

Business Development Manager

Binil Paul Joseph

Warehouse Manager

Dr. Ghazi Al Dousari

Government Account Manager

Sudhir Ghale

Assistant Director-Draeger Medical

Sara Arafa

Head of Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance

Hazem Khalil

Service Unit Manager. Laboratory Division.

Hana Al-Haddad

Assistant Director – Surgical Division / Neurology & Respiratory Division

Mohammed H. Hinnawi

Quality Assurance Manager

Abdelrahman Gbr

Unit Service Manager - ENT, Medical Furniture & Physiotherapy